Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ai Kotoba

【UTAU VB release】 Ai Kotoba 【Kotone Haruka ACT 3】

A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years

【UTAU】 A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years 【Kotone Haruo ACT 3】

Monday, 26 December 2011


【UTAU】 Headcracker-アタマワリ人形- 【Raine Reizo ACT 3】 + UST

Cyber Thunder Cider

【UTAU demo】 Cyber Thunder Cider 【Raine Reizo ACT 3】


【UTAU】 EAT ME 【Kotone Haruka ACT 2】 + UST


 "In this world with its civilization destroyed, we are searching for the legendary blue bird."

【UTAU】 Desert BLUEBIRD 【Raine Reizo & Raine Rena】 + UST


【UTAU】 Gengetsukan - 幻月環 【Raine Reizo & Rena ACT 2】 + UST

Continuing to update the blog ~


【UTAU】 UPSTAIRS - アップステアズ 【Raine Rena ACT 2】 +UST

Sorry for not updating for almost a month oAo;
I only update the UST download page regularly...
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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

宵月桜 (Yoi Tsuki Sakura)

【UTAU】 宵月桜 【Raine Reizo ACT 2】 +UST

Reizo is used at g+7 flag.


【UTAU】 WAVEFILE 【Raine Rena ACT 2】 +VB download

Release of Rena's new ACT 2 voicebank.

Mr. Taxi

【UTAU】 Mr. Taxi 【Raine Rena ACT 2】

Debut of Rena's new ACT 2 voicebank.

Radio Addiction

【UTAU】 Radio Addiction - 電波中毒 【Raine Reizo APPEND WHISPER】 +VB download

Debut of Reizo's new voicebank, APPEND WHISPER.

Demon Girlfriend

【UTAU】 Demon Girlfriend - 鬼彼女 【Kotone Haruka ACT 2】 +UST

I'm very sorry for not updating this blog! I've only been updating the UST page these days, that will always be updated ~
I just don't find it so important to update the blog, but one of the purposes of this blog is to archive updates as well, so ....
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