Thursday, 30 August 2012

PROMO: My Dear Android

【UTAU-PV】添い遂げたアンドロイドへ 【Raine Reizo x Anjou Sora】

I'm also late on this one too orz"
but Yoi worked hard on this video too, please enjoy it!

PROMO: Panda Hero

【UTAU】Panda Hero 【Raine Reizo, Sora Anjou, Daea】 

TT^TT I'm so late with posting these orz"
Kami did this for DaeA and my b-day, which was a few months ago .__.
but I still love this so much so I'm posting it here TTuTT

PROMO: Bad ∞ End ∞ Night

【UTAU Chorus】 Bad ∞ End ∞ Night 

Yoi worked extremely hard on the artwork & video so please watch it!
It also took me quite a while to mix.

PROMO: Our 16 Bit Warz

[Utau] Our 16 Bit Warz - Juni Ginkuro & Rena Raine 


Thanks to UrbanJungleMonkey/Sange for using Rena and making this REALLY AWESOME PV! 


PROMO: Raine Rena APPEND fanart

Thanks to Minnoao/June for drawing Rena + a speedpaint video!!

Raine Rena Append Fanart ( UtauReizo ) Speed Paint on Paint Tool Sai  




FULL ART (click for full view):


Love Story of a Certain Bakeneko

【UTAU PV】 Love Story of a Certain Bakeneko 【Raine Reizo】 +UST

I worked hard on this PV, hope you enjoy it!

Remote Control / Rimokon

【UTAU PV】 Remote Control 「リモコン」 【Raine Reizo・Sora Anjou】 +UST

This is one of the covers I'm most proud of.
Big props and thanks to Yoi for the PV!


【UTAU VCV】 YELLOW TRICK 【Raine Reizo・Raine Rena】 +UST

Warning of Imposters

【UTAUカバー】 Warning of Imposters - ニセモノ注意報 【Raine Rena】

This is one of my favourite covers of Rena's VCV ;v;


【UTAU genderbend】 Out of Step - ずれていく 【Jet】

Out of Step is Jet's debut.

Sorry for neglecting the blog... again...
and I lied, this blog will also have posts about Jet too since he's Rena's genderbend.

Jet is Rena's genderbend.
More info about him on his wiki.


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