Saturday, 17 March 2012


Thanks to roboyaku for using Reizo!  


【UTAU】 双色 【厄歌れい ・ 雷音冷蔵】

sorry for late post...

Astral Domination

【UTAU】 Astral Domination 【Raine Reizo・Raine Rena】 +UST

Saturday, 3 March 2012

PROMO: Staccato ♪

Thanks to DaeAppu for making both Reizo and Rena sing!!
 and I am now done my spam =u=

I will be trying to post more PROMO vids from now on when people use either Reizo, Rena, Haruka, or Haruo ~

【UTAU】 Staccato ♪ 【雷音レイゾ、レナ&弾み音デイヤ】

PROMO: Shotgun Lovers

Thanks to SaeriEASY for making Reizo sing!!

【Raine Reizo ft.Kikaine Eliot】Shotgun Lovers【UTAUカーバ】

PROMO: Ah, It's a Wonderful Life & Like Dislike

Thanks to hipertan for making Rena sing!!

[UTAU] Ah, It's a Wonderful Life [TSUKINO-Kun , Raine Rena]

[UTAU]スキキライ - Like Dislike [ Raine Rena , TSUKINO-Kun ]


Thanks again to mYverTI0N for making MMD models of Haruka and Rena!!

Download them here:
Haruka | Rena | Yunami
 *Yunami belongs to mYverTI0N

[MMD NewComers] BREEZE ft LAT Raine Rena, Kotone Haruka ACT1 and Nedan Yunami V1.5

PROMO: Wave Sounds

Thanks to AngeliaxAvallone for making Rena sing!!

【UTAU-synth】Wave Sounds【Raine Rena APPEND】



Thanks to mYverTI0N for the MMD model!!
Download the model here


【UTAU】 Satisfaction - サティスファクション 【Raine Rena APPEND】 +UST

Nazotoki x Nazokake

【UTAU-PV】 Nazotoki x Nazokake 【Raine Reizo・Sonata Note】

Called Killer

【UTAU】 Called Killer 【Raine Reizo・Raine Rena】 +UST

Nekomimi Archive

【UTAU】 Nekomimi Archive 【Raine Rena+APPEND】 +UST


【UTAU】 Pokémoshka 【Kotone Haruka・Raine Reizo・Raine Rena】


Sorry for not updating for so long!
So here's a spam of videos....

 【UTAU】 sasameku - ササメク 【Raine Rena APPEND WARM V2】 +VB download

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