Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Coward Montblanc, Yanderenka & Servant of the Moon

Haven't had a chance to update this blog because my internet kinda died...
but now it's back!

Okay, in the order of oldest to newest...

【UTAU】 Coward Montblanc 【Kotone Haruka】
Original by Gumi, music:  DECO*27, UST:  KAInE, mixing: UtauReizo

【UTAU】 Psychotic Len's Love Song/Yanderenka 【Raine Reizo APPEND POWER】
Original by Kagamine Len, music: Lelele P, UST: UtauReni, mixing & illust: UtauReizo

【UTAU】 The Servant of the Moon 【Raine Rena】 + UST
Original by Hatsune Miku, music: Don, UST, mixing, illust: UtauReizo


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